Why “The Open Manuscripts”?

Going by the dictionary

A manuscript is a book, document, or piece of music written by hand rather than typed or printed.
But here, The Open Manuscript is breaking more than one barrier. First off, it is not a a handwritten script. Secondly, it is an open platform to post one’s rant. As this blog progresses, the audience will be able to come forward, be anonymous and mail me their rants to be published on this open space. It will have content that everyone feels at some …………

Rant #24

Every day that you thought would bring you a new sense of freedom, also got you a new sense of insecurity. One day you wake up and you have this feeling of just running back to your old life. The walks that you take from your workplace, makes you wonder everything you’ve done or you want to do. Makes you ponder how did you land here?

Rant #23

Just because differences are there,  Doesn’t mean we cease to exist together.  The stars shine too,  Despite being so blurry out there.  Been so long since I wrote for you,  Not to forget, I missed it too.  Things are ruined,  Thrown and broken too.  I don’t know how,  The hope is still there.  I don’t…

Rant #22

The Open Manuscripts

I know this page is about ranting. But I also believe Ranting can take several forms. Here I am sharing with the world anonymously my happiness. Something that I can’t share under my identity.

Rant #21

Through your blog I just wanna tell him, that he’s too special for me. Has been. Will always be.

Rant #20

What would you rather have? A ship that broke in a few years due to hundreds of storms, leaving you with amazing stories and only one arm or a ship that you can still proudly see standing at the shore while you narrate incidents of it’s strength at the top of your health? Think.

Rant #19

The stationary shop had never seemed that far, as I went for the sheets.

I had heard someone saying in school, “Time flies on wings.”

As I come back to home, each step was proving it right.

5 Little Things

Do you wake up every morning trying to find long lost motivation or happiness? When you feel so low that you just can not be genuinely happy and satisfied with things. Ever wonder what little things could make your day better by a large margin? Let me help you: When you wake up in the…

Rant #18

Today, I threatened him. I asked him what is the use of promise once made when he has killed that identity, that side of his’ which took the promise. I threatened him that if he did not make a choice between his …

Rant #17

The Open Manuscripts, I guess Steve Buscemi as Dr Romeo in Spy Kids 2 was right in saying -“Do you think God lives in Heaven because He too lives in fear of what He created?“ This rant is against those Reality Shows. Not because they are fake and the winner is already decided even before…

Rant #16

The Open Manuscripts, It all just does not matter. I am trying so hard to fit in. It doesn’t matter. It is like everything I do just backfires on me and I feel so betrayed not in my life but by my life. I’m so lonely. I don’t have any one to go out with….

Rant #15

My breath, my life,
My morning, My night,
My smile, My sorrow,