Why “The Open Manuscripts”?

Going by the dictionary

A manuscript is a book, document, or piece of music written by hand rather than typed or printed.

But here, The Open Manuscript is breaking more than one barrier. First off, it is not a  a handwritten script. Secondly, it is an open platform to post one’s rant. As this blog progresses, the audience will be able to come forward, be anonymous and mail me their rants to be published on this open space. It will have content that everyone feels at some point of their lives but goes unsaid.
For sometimes, it happens that a person lands in certain situations where she or he feels that there is a need to say something or tell the world what is really felt in that situation or about that situation but fails to express so due to whatever reasons. Hence, the main aim is to provide the audience with a platform where they can rant, when they feel choked and breathe in peace henceforth. Just as the tagline goes “Choke.Rant.Breathe.” Because it is important to rant and let go off things than to hold on to them forever and feel choked every single day.
Oh, and wherever possible we as a community will try to help you solve those issues 🙂
The Open Manuscript won’t only include your or my rants but after a certain point, it will personally start sending out inspirational mails to the subscribers of The Open Manuscripts on a daily basis, without fail.
No one will stop you here, Let yourself breathe.
Good Luck
The Open Manuscript
Mail your experiences and rants at –
Follow us on Instagram-
PS: Anonymity and Confidentiality will be maintained.



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