Rant #3


The Old Manuscripts,

Class 6th first day. The day when my world turned upside down. Everything was new to me. Everyone strange. In the crowd, but, something felt a little grained.. I looked up at you and I knew you are the one for me. Sat behind you for six years, soaking, bathing in your beauty.

9 years and my world still revolves around you. The sun to my earth. Those tiny eyes, porcelain skin… Not less than any angel. Small hands, as If they were meant to fit in mine.

But fate had to have it’s way and it took me away from you. You went away. But what hurt me most was the fact that you didn’t ever look back… Didn’t even try to.

Years have passed and I still m Waiting for you… Wish at least once you had recognize my love for you. I cried every night for you. My heart was shattered. People say follow your heart but tell me, Which piece to follow when your heart has a million of them lying on the ground.

Thank You

Anonymous 3


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