Rant #9

The night seemed never ending.

Yet peaceful in its own way.

Two people, thousands of kilometers apart

Still managed to, stay in the other’s heart.

When the zillions of stars were shining outside,

The fire within them

Was eliciting its own warm light.

They not overlooked but accepted each other’s flaws,

Promised to stay together

Till death does them apart.

She could not see him in pain

He couldn’t stand someone else holding her

The whole situation, though a mess,

Held a weird charm about the vows.

The call had been revealing,

The secrets were placed in the open,

Understanding as ever,

They lit a spark.

Marriage was discussed, in a funny way, though,

The girl had just 5 years

The guy had more.

They talked about invitations,

The guy wouldn’t invite her,

Nor would he come to see

The sight of her Standing at the altar with someone else

Would just burn the soul, she had saved for ever.

They discussed their recent future,

Being practical and calculative,

The call continued, with tears on the either end.

None could afford to lose the other

Afraid, of the unleashing of the demon.

He had his own dreams,

She had her own trail,

This time it wouldn’t be the 6 states,

But a distance of continents.

They promised to tell their parents

Before they leave.

A sense of security, they felt on the thought

Yet, difficult for them to soak in foreseen “drought”

The thought choked their throats,

Mum for a while,

They expressed their love for each other,

And promised to stay alive.

Alive in each other’s, dreams

Alive in the thoughts of the other

They but carried on,

Proudly showing their love to the world.

She hiding in his feathers,

He in her heart.

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