Rant #13

I saw some idiots writing shit about Amaal Mallik and his fans. And it’s been so long that I have been thinking about this. So I finally thought that I should write about this. First of all, if anyone thinks that #AmaalMallik did a mistake by addressing a sensitive issue and you’re misinterpreting what he wrote; you guys should really sit and introspect about your own lives. Just because in India we have “Freedom of Speech and Expression” doesn’t mean you’ll hamper Someone else’s freedom. If you don’t agree with him, then LEAVE THE PAGE. You think its because of your existence that his page is famous?! No!!!! This page has so many followers because of his hardwork, honesty and integrity.

We Armaalians don’t need fellow followers who are just here to spread hate. Second thing I noticed in the comment section, that one female #Armaalian spoke up for #AmaalMallik and some creepy guys openly told her( in Hindi of course) that they would rape her in her bed if she speaks up for her idol. And that really broke my heart. I distinctly remember the person’s name. And I am hoping he has left this page. But it is just my deep concern that THIS IS NOT HOW YOU TALK TO WOMEN. And some guys said that they are right just because they’re doing #ScienceandTechnology!

Seriously? That’s what it is teaching you? It’s teaching you to openly say to a woman that you would rape her. I mean how powerless are you that you have to assert your power on social media. It breaks my heart because now it’s not just an issue for all #femaleArmaalians but for all Women out here.

You talk bull shit about women and it’s so subliminally portrayed that no one actually notices it. If the guys are reading this, I just want you to look at your lives and the words you say.. So you wonder why we #femaleArmaanians love #ArmaanandAmaal? It’s because they’re honest, they have respect for women. Please read what you write on #SocialMedia or watch the words you say. You think telling a woman that you would rape her makes you look cool? NO!!!! IT CLEARLY REFLECTS YOUR CHARACTER! And at the end of the day it’s not Science and technology that will matter! What you have inside you will never take you anywhere #Haters.

Regards, Evangeline.

The anonymity has not been maintained on the request of sender.


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