Rant #17

The Open Manuscripts,
I guess Steve Buscemi as Dr Romeo in Spy Kids 2 was right in saying -“Do you think God lives in Heaven because He too lives in fear of what He created?

This rant is against those Reality Shows. Not because they are fake and the winner is already decided even before voting.

But because of what goes on when the auditions are going on.
People work on their dream day in and day out looking just for the opportunity to prove themselves.
How can anyone judge them by one bad performance. Judges or anyone watching the Idiot Box doesn’t know what the contestant has been through, to reach the stage.
And my problem doesn’t stop here. There are people that come there without having the required talent. For them, it’s more about passion. They are ridiculed right on that stage. If you sung badly, you are asked to stop singing forever. If you danced badly, you are told to never dance again. Hopes and dreams shattered in that one second.
Who gave this right to those Judges to be this mean and not-so-compassionate!
And what breaks my heart even more is that viewers enjoy that ridiculing the most. “Kya sahi comedy ho rahi hai” (what a comedy!) is their answer. How low has humanity stooped!
I hope someday we finally understand that there is so much to this beautiful life if we have compassion and empathy.
Anonymous 17

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