Rant #18

Dear Open Manuscripts,

Today, I threatened him. I asked him what is the use of promise once made when he has killed that identity, that side of his’ which took the promise. I threatened him that if he did not make a choice between his depression and I, I would do something to myself. Stupid? I know. I should not talk to a person fighting depression like this? I know.

But, A year. He would not go to counselling sessions. He would not let out his feelings, he would not say what was on his mind. All he did was being fake happy. He had big plans. Plans which, I am no one to reveal here. He did not deserve to be where he was. Someone had to tell him to snap out of it and just get going. Someone had to tell him the grieving period was over and someone had to remind him what an asset he is to the world. He did not understand when I reasoned politely. So I gave him an ultimatum. It is either me or that depression. He said no one held his hand, no one tried to drag him out, and everyone was ashamed of his failure and tried to hide him. And that made me angry. Made me so angry. Hurt me. Maybe I was not there in the form he expected me to be. But I was! I proudly showed him off to the world, held his hand and promised to help him realize his dreams. I stood by him in the good and the bad. But I am not here to count his efforts or mine.

I am just openly wishing and praying that may God help him find his way. I am just openly telling him, that I will forever help him whatever and whenever any issue arises. We have been fighting a lot lately, but does not mean I don’t love him.

“I Love You. And I will always be here to hold your hand and drag you out of it”.

Anonymous 18



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