5 Little Things

Do you wake up every morning trying to find long lost motivation or happiness? When you feel so low that you just can not be genuinely happy and satisfied with things. Ever wonder what little things could make your day better by a large margin? Let me help you:

When you wake up in the morning, Be grateful to God that you have got a fresh slate to write a new story on, that you have another day to make amends to your mistakes, revert your sins.


As soon as you open your eyes, smile. Forcing a smile can actually induce real happiness (as found out in various researches). And wish yourself a Good Morning and say “Today is a beautiful day, I will make it the best day of my life till now.”


Learn to be grateful to the things around you.. Look around, be grateful for the roof above you, the good food you eat, your beautiful family, of course the internet that gives you a glimpse of the world. 

Source : Shutterstock

Exercise/Yoga/Meditation. They are the best way to channelize positive energy in your body. Don’t forget to take a refreshing shower after it. Tried and tested, and for sure will put you in a joyous mood. 


Drink lots of water!! That’s right. You usually wake up dehydrated after a long night’s sleep. So drinking a lot of water will automatically make you feel fresh.

Source : Shutterstock



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