Rant #19

*The Last Assignment*

As I write my college assignment for the last time, ecstasy and misery become the inks.

Most vulnerable moments are those when you know that the things are happening for one last time, yes it was the last assignment.

The stationary shop had never seemed that far, as I went for the sheets.

I had heard someone saying in school, “Time flies on wings.”

As I come back to home, each step was proving it right.

The thought of not submitting assignments anymore itself was making me joyous and empty, all at once.

As I collect all the courage to start the assignment, the marks, the grades, the certificates which I got in these three years started becoming unimportant, as if their value was approaching zero and my dilemma, infinity.

After all down the line, memories will make me laugh, marks won’t.

And the pen inked the first word as I recall my first day in the college.

My first answer finished when I recalled our first class bunk.

As the first page got completed, I had completed the first year of the college.

Word by word, line by line, page by page my assignment was about to finish, just like day by day, year by year the college was seeking its end.

The last page was blotted with smudges which the ink made, the eyes helped

Theory of relativity, the only topic I sucked at college.
But somewhere between how I used to get desperate for home in the first semester and how I prayed silently for the last semester to last forever,
These three years of college did what Einstein’s theories couldn’t.

As I wrote the last line, I placed a dot and marked a beginning of an end.

~ Arjun (#19)


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