Rant #20

The Open Manuscripts
As peculiar as it sounds, there’s a hidden meaning in the word relationship. Obviously, it’s up to every individual to accept it or not. A relationship has the word ship in it. The word ship gives so much meaning to the whole concept of love. It’s almost like someone gave a guide on loving while coming up with the term.
When you think of a ship, you think of a cruise. Or something like Titanic. Some crazy people like might even think of a container ship. Nerds might go with a aircraft carrier. No matter which form of ship you think of, it’s always glorious. There’s nothing called a mediocre ship. Much like a relationship. A relationship has to be glorious. At all times. A mediocre relationship is a burden. It’s better to abandon the meritocracy and swim to more glorious vessels.
Some would also say that a successful ship is one which has been in the roughest of waters. In storms that almost broke it into pieces and made it a lesson for the rest of the world to learn. True. But why was it stuck in the storm in the first place? This is a question that might not be very popular among the romantics. As most of the modern day sailors (read lovers) think that a glorious ship is one that goes through the most storms. What they don’t understand is that if a ship is getting into too many storms, it probably has a bad captain. likewise, a relationship among two people who love each other needs to make sure it encounters the least number of storms. You’ll get stuck in some for sure. Fight through them. But it takes a conscious effort to not walk into them. Think about it. What would you rather have? A ship that broke in a few years due to hundreds of storms, leaving you with amazing stories and only one arm or a ship that you can still proudly see standing at the shore while you narrate incidents of it’s strength at the top of your health? Think.
Coming back to the very word SHIP. Why is a relationship a ship and not a boat? Stupid question? Probably. The most stupid questions are mostly the most intense. Think about the differences between a ship and a boat. Let’s try counting them
  1. Size. A ship is huge while the boat is a small fraction of it’s size.
  2. A ship operates in deep waters while a boat stays near the shore.
  3. Boats often don’t have much space to move around in while the ship gives you an option to do a different activity in each part of it.
  4. Boats aren’t the smoothest of rides and ships. Let’s just say you won’t feel a thing.
  5. A ship is an experience of calmness and serenity while boats are filled with fun and adventure.
Five basic differences. A little too basic perhaps. But can you relate these to a relationship? You’ll see that a ship gives you everything that you’d want from a relationship. Sure a boat sounds exciting as a relationship option too but do you really want all that for the rest of your life? Do you want to feel the constant fear of drowning any moment? Do you want to always be in sight of your partner? With no space of your own? Do you want to stay at the same stage of the relationship where everything remains the way it was when you first started (referring to the shore. For a boat it never changes. A ship goes into deep waters and finds new places). Do you want to feel the ups and downs of every wave all the time or would you rather want to sail smoothly after a while? You choose.
Choose what you want from your relationship. And define it. Say what you want. Work towards what you want. Do what is needed for your relationship. Most importantly, look at your relationship only. It doesn’t matter what everyone else is doing. They don’t have the relationship you have. Better or worse but certainly not the same. You have your own set of problems, limitations, preferences and goals. A good relationship doesn’t scream about itself in public. It enjoys itself in the public and doesn’t mind if the world takes notice. It won’t ask for validation from anyone but the two parties involved. So choose. Choose wisely.
Thank You,
Anonymous 20.

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