Rant #21


The Open Manuscripts 

The day he walked away,He took a major chunk of my heart 
I was broken, shattered, 

Left with a numbered scar. 

Has to be me. Has to be my fault, 

A moon in the stars lost. 

I don’t know how I reached home that day

Crying and hazed all way.

Tried to take my mind off, 

Went straight into the shower

Stood under the cold water,

Trying to rinse off that scar. 
Texted me in the evening, told me,

I got him weak in the knees. 

I too realised he’s a part

I can’t ever let go,

No matter if he was at par. 

He’s way out of my league. 

True for his family, 

For his first love and the last just maybe. 
And how do I tell him,

I want to hit the refresh button

For there is no one like him,

No one I’d rather be with. 

So I just stand in the balcony,

Under the “sun-lit” stars. 

Through your blog I just wanna tell him, that he’s too special for me. Has been. Will always be. 

Thank You

Anonymous 21. 


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