Rant #22

The Open Manuscripts

I know this page is about ranting. But I also believe Ranting can take several forms. Here I am sharing with the world anonymously my happiness. Something that I can’t share under my identity. 

Wow. Today was just wow. I saw you walking towards me. Blue shirt. That elvis l hairstyle. The spectacles. Taker of breath. I couldn’t stop smiling to myself when I saw you. Entering together. And sitting on our table. Our favourite table. Talking to you. Looking into your eyes and trying to grasp and absorb all the excitement that you were eliciting. So full of life. So blissful. Talking to you is peaceful. It’s serene. Looking at your lips, wishing to touch them with mine. You’re beautiful. 

When we went to meet your friend. And you held my hands. Then put your hand around my waist. I knew you’re proud of me. I felt like I’m a part of you. You approve of me. When we sat there, at the burger joint, making fun of us together. Listening to old tales. Just amazing. It’s weird how someone’s life stories become your favourite. Classics. Your own personal collection of classics. You giving out your hand, to help me climb up and get down the flight of stairs. Such a gentleman. I’m so blessed to have you. Waiting for auto with you. I don’t know why, I felt so happy being there. Right there with you. You coming towards me. You gave me butterflies man. You putting your hand on my waist. Pulling me to you. Uh. Wish I could’ve eaten you then and there. Sleeping on you in the auto. I can never. Ever. Never ever tell you how your arms feel. It’s like. They’re so broad. So protective. So big.. Firm. But soft. I love being against them. I can’t fit them in my palm and I like that the most strangely enough. You’re my guiding power, my motivational source. At the other cafe. Same thing. You putting your arm around my neck and waist. Dude. You still give me the chills. Good chills. I snuggled up to you. Because you’re just that comfortable. Because I know you’re mine. Just mine. I think these precious moments are what I live for. These things that make me feel so special. That make me feel no one can take my place in your heart and in your life. I’m super blessed to have you. My soul mate. 

Yes. Soul mates exist. I found mine almost 2 years back. I’m still with him. And I intend to be. Till eternity and beyond. I love you my SO. More than my life. More than anything. You’re my angel. You’re my lifeline. You’re mine. 

Thank you 

Anonymous 22 


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