Rant #14

You are my sun..
Shining in the sky
of my ……..

Rant #13

Seriously? That’s what it is teaching you? It’s teaching you to openly say to a woman that you would rape her. I mean how powerless are you that you have to assert your power on social media. It breaks my heart because now it’s not just an issue for all #femaleArmaalians but for all Women out here.

The Open Manuscripts

And you may ask, what will you get.

I would say – Satisfaction. A guilt free breathing. A weight lifted off your shoulder.

For sometimes all we need is to tell someone what is wrong but we don’t want to be judged. For sometimes just writing your thoughts down, may result in a clearer cognitive and emotional pathway.

Rant #12

I must say My mornings have started to get better, I now concentrate on birds chirping,While I am eating bread butter. Being in bed, I feel content now  So much, that I feel happy for others.  Their happiness doesn’t make me jealous Maybe, that’s when you know  You’ve grown up.  I smile to myself, sipping…

Rant #11

Just like those screenshots in my phone, The memories have faded too, Now I can’t look back and cry to my heart’s content When I’m missing you. I now cannot re-read those conversations, Cannot go back to relive For once that made me happy, And even till a while back it did. The escalators, the…

Rant #10

I was glee, content and elated
All before I had found you,
So forlorn, and crestfallen
Now I am,

Rant #9

The night seemed never ending.
Yet peaceful in its own way.
Two people, thousands of kilometers apart
Still managed to, stay in the other’s heart.
When the zillions of stars were shining outside,
The fire within them…

Rant #8

Year 2014, post the cut off(s) for colleges. The first thought that entered my mind- “Why do I not belong to any reservation quota?” I was denied admission in one of the best colleges of India, despite having scored a perfect centum in the desired subject. People who scored, even a notch less but belonged to some “backward class/caste” got the admission in front of my eyes. That was probably the first time I acknowledged and accepted the harsh reality of the reservation system.
Reservation system was included only as a clause in the Constitution of India, by Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, for the upliftment of the Schedule Caste, Schedule Tribes and the other lower castes or “Untouchables”. Initially this reservation system was introduced only for a span of 10 years, to be reviewed later and was believed to help the downtrodden to come into the mainstream population.
It is nothing but an irony that in a strong and young country like India, people are actually fighting to prove themselves backward and are begging for spoon-feeding of resources. Reservation system seems more like a revenge system which screams, unfortunately, the statement that “We have been deprived for centuries, now we need spoon-fed education and jobs and if possible promotion too”.
In a country like India, that claims to be secular and promotes equality, it is irrelevant to have a caste or religion based reservation. It is not necessary that a person who belongs to so called reserved caste or religion is always needy or lacks resources or funds. It could be that a person belonging to general quota, too, is in need of maybe financial aid…

Rant #7

Today I learnt so many things. One of the intriguing thing was the importance of space in any relationship .Spending quality time alone will help us to be more productive and also feel a sense of well being .These are the times when we realize

Rant #6

Yes, we see you and your beau fighting on your not-so-subtle status update. Yes, we read your conversation in the comments section of your best friends’ photo wherein your comments have nothing to do with your best friend or what they posted, and are more similar to the script of The Notebook….

Rant #5

Now I’m at a point in my life where it doesn’t affect me like it used to. But my problem with people remains. Why can’t they let others be when they are happy? Why do they need to make me (or anyone for that matter) feel the way they think i should feel? Are we truly living in a society where people can’t even feel their own emotions the way they want to? Why do people need to cause so much additional hurt to justify their Own actions and sate their selfish appetites?

Rant #4

I think its not just me.. I think that I m into you so much that the universe creates situation for us to get closer and closer …like that time when we accidentally got separated from our group..